About us

UAE's Best Client Focused, Results Driven Real Estate Agency

Culture & Values

At Azur Properties, we aren’t just a team, we are a close-knit family. We work hard and play hard. We celebrate every team member, every milestone, and every achievement. Offering a friendly and fun work-environment, Provident in-vests in each member of the team in terms of time and training sessions. If you are looking for the next growth period in your career, Provident Estate is your calling. Will you answer?

Our Mission
Azur Properties strives to become UAE’s undisputed and favorite real estate brand. We’ll achieve this by treating our people with uncommon appreciation, our clients with uncompromising integrity, and the market with unanticipated innovation. In so doing we’ll become the standard by which every other real estate agency will be measured.

Our Vision
To redefine what investors, landlords, and tenants in the UAE expect of real estate agents. We’ll do this by providing our clients with:
– The smartest agents in the market.
– A tech-driven approach
– Uncompromising integrity
– Proven results over the long-term

Specialist Brokerage Agency


We are a tech-driven real estate agency and assist value-seeking investors, landlords, and tenants achieve superior results by offering guidance that is based on both integrity and solid market fundamentals. We are focused on providing objective, real-time insight to our clients. To do this fäm has developed its own proprietary Oracle-based technology that is several steps ahead of the rest of the market. At the same time, rather than being a generalist, we focus into key regions in the UAE, giving our agents even deeper focus and insight. This combination of technology and human intelligence gives our clients an unparalleled ability to make better decisions faster.